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Horse Board:

Devon Ridge Farm offers primarily outside board but also has inside board for horses requiring stabling as well on demand   Our geldings and mares are kept separate and they are matched in suitable small groups of 2 to 4 per pen according to personality and feed requirements.   Management lives on-site and you can be assured of competent care of your equine every day of the year.


Our current rate for outside board complete with free choice minerals, salt, automatic waterers, shelter and oats  and unlimited hay is $435.00 plus GST

Private pens can be accommodated for an additional $50.00 per month.


We have a resident farrier and vet services that we offer for your equines without cost for routine care


We worm on a 3 month schedule with various wormers/rotated at a cost of $20/25 per wormer depending on what we use.


Horse Training:

Training of your equine is available, etiher jump training or dressage.    We have lots of experience helping to develop young horses as well as retraining/progression of older horses.   Please enquire for further information by email preferred -


Other Services:   Transport

We also offer hauling to and from shows,  as required  Prices vary depending on location.