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Devon Ridge Farm has wonderful well trained lesson and lease horses and ponies available to accommodate any level of rider.    Some of these are available for lease, please enquire. 


Beginner lesson program is on SUNDAYS.. we have group lessons from total beginner to Advanced Beginner and will do our best to put the students in appropriate classes to challenge and move them up the levels progressively.      Once they are totally independent (Able to catch, brush, tackup, and be ready for their lesson without supervision, they will be able to move up to an even more challenging lesson and also be able to lease a pony/horse to have practice rides outside of lessons.    Our CAMPS are a good way to develop these more independent skills.   We also plan to offer weekend clinics to work on these horsemanship skills.   Will be posted on our CAMPS & CLINIC page


For those already in our lesson program, our sign up sheet is here.

  Sunday Sign Up - Google Sheets


For those interested in joining our lesson program, please email Jocelyn at 

Our lesson prices are $55.00 plus GST and we are currently offering 10% discount for anyone booking all the sundays in the two month session.   We are booking May / June sessions now,     July and August we highly recommend signing up for one or two SUMMER CAMP sessions as the lessons are 1/2 day and jam packed with teaching skills required for independent horsemanship as well as developing stronger riding skills.




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