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Haylee Kauth – Beginner Instructor

Haylee began teaching at Devon Ridge 3 years ago and has become indispensable to us!    She coordinates and is able to teach beginners how to ride skilfully and confidently in a safe,reliable and progressive manner.      We pride ourselves at Devon Ridge in having a very good beginner program with outstanding lesson horses to learn on.         At Devon Ridge, we teach horsemanship as well as riding skills so you will be doing everything from groundwork exercises, care of tack and horse, learning about feed,  how to catch your horse, tack it up, brush, etc.   You will be able to walk trot and canter as well as go over small crosspoles in two point position.      Our goal is for you to learn how to be fully independent before moving you on to our Intermediate Program.


Brittany Rose - Intermediate Instructor

Brittany has been teaching at Devon Ridge our intermediate riders for 6 years now.     She takes our graduated beginner riders and teaches them further skills to jump more confidently as well as more difficult exercises on the flat.      Students in this program will be jumping verticals and oxers as well as the possibility of learning cross country skills (Brittany brings with her experience as a successful rider in Horse trials up to the Preliminary level).   In this level the students are encouraged to at least partial lease so that they can practice ride outside of their lessons.    It is recommended to ride minimum twice a week in this program.


Megan  Davies - Advanced Level Instructor/Trainer

Megan is our foundation instructor and horse trainer and has been teaching at Devon Ridge for over 18 years now.   She is an integral part of Devon Ridge with her vast knowledge base!    Megan teaches all aspects of horsemanship and jumping and trains horses from start to finish.    Megan has a show history of successfully competing in the hunter ring, dressage ring, horse trials as well show jumping up to the 1.45 m level.      Megan has a very progressive lesson program and is able to get you and horse competent/successful at any level of riding you wish to accomplish.         In this program you must own your own horse/lease your own horse and be prepared to ride 3 to 4 times per week.   This program is competitive and although you don't have to show, you will be able to do so if desired.


Jocelyn Davies - Manager/Owner

Jocelyn has owned and cared for horses for most of her life and has a ton of experience and knowledge in horse management .  She lives onsite at Devon Ridge and is an integral hands on person here alongside her husband Bob..     She manages the Beginner and Intermediate lesson programs and loves being the back up instructor for both of these programs.    Her special love is her Connemaras and producing good quality, good minded horses and ponies for the junior / amateur rider.


Bob Davies - Maintenance Manager/Owner

Bob is the guy that keeps this place running smooth!.. He's the guy clearing the snow.. harrowing the ring, fixing the fences, building new fences...   coming to the aid of any emergency etc.... We couldn't run Devon Ridge without him lol!


Michelle Andresen - Trainer

Michele came from Germany 3 years ago which is where she learned most of her riding skills.   She came to Canada and we hired her at Devon Ridge Farm to help with our youngstock training.    We are extremely pleased with the manner that she works with our babies and hope that she stays for a very long time!    Michelle has substantial dressage training herself and is able to substitute teach for us as well..